Sustainability, Health & Safety, Accessibility and Other Benefits .

Fueling Redefined

The fueling industry has been starving for innovation and there’s a new idea that’s re-inventing the traditional fuel delivery supply chain. It brings fuel directly to consumers with a 100% contactless solution that removes the gas station from the equation altogether. In fact, this idea is so radical that it’s spawned an entirely new industry: mobile fueling on demand.

This new industry is safer, more environmentally friendly, accessible, and economical. It has also created thousands of jobs. And Low Fuel Fuels, is paving the way for these innovations, completely changing how Americans get their fuel.


Mobile fueling is better for us and the environment.

Low Fuel is not only about convenience. It is also about responsibly serving and improving our communities. It creates a better supply chain and delivers gas directly to the customer. Low Fuel is fundamentally better for people, our cities, and our planet. Its supply chain is simpler, with 50% fewer fuel transfers than a gas station, fewer vapor emissions and no ground-polluting underground fuel storage tanks. Conventional gas stations rely on underground storage tanks (USTs) for their gasoline reserves, which pose threats to fire safety and the drinking water supply. Approximately 550,000 USTs produce 9,000 new leaks annually. These kinds of spills are hazardous for the environment, and also cost taxpayers tens of billions every year.

In the United States, an average of 40 gallons of gasoline is spilled annually at 160,000+ gas stations. That is over 4 million gallons of gasoline spilled per year. To put that in perspective, that much gas could get you and your car around the world 8 times.

Mobile fueling is the safest and most sophisticated form of fueling in the industry. Low Fuel’s service professionals are trained to avoid spillage and our fuel delivery vehicles cannot be overfilled. Low Fuel’s Service Professionals have zero reported spills and zero DOT reportable accidents since we began doing business.


We save tens of thousands of trips to the gas station every week. That means fewer miles driven, fewer gallons of gas burned and serious savings on vehicle wear and tear.


Low Fuel reduces smog every time gas is delivered, but for every 4 vehicles fueled, Low Fuel takes the smog emissions of one car off the road.

Health and Safety

Our service is 100% contactless, so it naturally limits the contact with, and spread of, COVID-19.

Looking at surface particulate helps us understand the density of bacteria on a given surface. It is measured in Colony Forming Units, which quantify the ability of bacteria to colonize on different surfaces. Although bacteria isn’t a virus, this gives us an idea of the density of surface particles.

A gas pump is more than 11,000 times as dirty as a toilet lid! Avoiding contact with the pump handle and buttons on the machine is beneficial to health and safety.


Mobile fueling is the most accessible way to stay fueled.

Mobile fueling is more than a convenience. Low Fuel has proven to offer significant help to elderly or differently abled people who are still able to drive.

Job Creation

Mobile fueling creates thousands of high-quality jobs.

One of the most consequential long-term impacts of the coronavirus pandemic is to the economy. Continued unemployment, halting economic growth, diminishing state revenues and overwhelmed supply chains will persist for months–if not years–to come.

Mobile fueling on demand is one industry that promises to deliver thousands of new, salaried jobs with benefits and job training. But it also provides relief to front-line workers, local governments and even generates millions in tax revenues, too.


Mobile Fueling is the most convenient way to stay fueled.

To say that Mobile Fueling On Demand is more convenient than other ways of staying fueled is an understatement.

For consumers, it’s 3 simple steps, and Low Fuel does the rest:

1. Park your car
2. Pin your location in the app
3. Pop your fuel door

For fleet owners and operators, it’s intuitive:

Low Fuel’s promise to businesses is that your cars and trucks will always be ready to go first thing in the morning and or at your slotted approved scheduled. Our service gives businesses the time, efficiency, and convenience of never having to waste time or money at a gas station again.