How does it work Frequently Ask Questions?

How does Low Fuel work?

Most of our customers schedule fuel deliveries once a week.

Do I need to meet the person delivering the gas at my car?

No. All you need to do is make sure that the gas tank door flap is open before you lock your car. We will
also send you a reminder before we head over. So, just remember to “pop it before you lock it!”

Does someone take my car away?

Your car stays exactly where it is. We come to where you are parked with our gas truck and fill you up. All we ask of you is that you pop your gas flap before you leave your car.

But how exactly does it work?

You download the app and input all of your details along with your vehicle details. You then select the fuel now or a day in the near future that you would like to be filled up. An estimated time of arrival will be given to you if you select fuel now option. Our highly trained Drivers will come by in our gas truck and fill you up. You will get a text message when all services are complete along and your

Do you need extra space to conduct your services?

The beauty of our service is that we can mostly conduct them in conventional parking spaces/lots and residential driveways.

What if I need to cancel my order?

No problem – you can just cancel the order from the app. We don’t charge a cancellation fee as long as you cancel before the driver has been routed to your location.

What types of gas are available?

You can choose from 2 different grades of fuel. For consumers, we deliver Unleaded 87 (Regular) Octane and Unleaded 93 (Premium) Octane.

Is my payment information secure when I order?

Low Fuel is a cashless transaction. Card information is stored and processed by Stripe. We will bill the credit card number you entered when you set up your account any time you need gas.